Jobs and gigs to hire : looking for app developer

app-store-google-playJobs and gigs to hire : App developer for get iOS and Android applications on Apple Store and Google Play store.

I buy lots of gigs and I would be please to work with you.  

My goal is to show online many interesting apps on my Apple Store and Google Play store for get app development orders from my French customers.

I’m not focused on a special kind of application, I’m looking for top apps for get many download and high rating on the app stores.

How many and what kind of apps and apps game on Google Play and Apple Store can you provide and reskin them for upload and then available to my Google and Apple Store ?


What’s your price for :  

* all the apps and game 

* get the source code before

* get the source code after reskin

* custom and reskin them  

* upload them to my Apple and Google App Store.   

* get the approval from Apple and Google App Store that all the apps are available on my store

* get the gig finished when all the apps are available on my Apple and Google App Store.   

I’ll give you an access to my developer Google and Apple Store.   

Hope work with you.  


We’re looking for app consultant for other job/gig app development : job to hire : reskin and publish apps to Apple Store and Google play store

Please fill the form or send me an email to boite2com01 @

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